Cripps merges with law firm Pemberton Greenish to create ‘true force’

What the garden looked like before
Gavin Tyler of Cripps

Trading under new name Cripps Pemberton Greenish, the business will comprise a combined workforce of 465 with £45million in annual combined revenue.

The merge will be finalised on December 1 with a rebrand set to be completed. There will be no redundancies.

Cripps, the larger of the two, is locally based in Mount Ephraim and also has offices in Kings Hill and London. Pemberton Greenish’s one office is in the capital.

A joint statement from the firms signalled an intent to pursue law relating to real estate, private wealth and growing businesses.

Gavin Tyler, Managing Partner at Cripps, will take over the top role following the merger which will strengthen his company’s position within London.

He said:  “It has been a key strategic objective for a number of years to significantly develop our London business.

“By merging with Pemberton Greenish we will be able to take a joint step forward to deliver a broader, deeper, and even more personal service to all our clients.

“Being headquartered in Kent however remains a key part of who we are, the clients we want to work with and why Cripps is the firm it is.”

Kerry Glanville, Senior Partner of Pemberton Greenish, added: “We’re thrilled to join forces with Cripps.

“Our clients will benefit from our much-increased breadth of service and fully developed infrastructure that modern legal businesses require to be successful.

“Together we’ll be a true force.”

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